Blackmailing My PAWG Escort Step Sister – Riley Grey – Under Cover Sluts

I had a buddy of mine tell me he saw my little sister on seeking arrangements. I couldn’t believe it, the girl only turned 18 a couple months ago, so she must have been chomping at the bit to sell some pussy. I found her ad, and I catfished her. I wanted the element of suprise to shock her into knowing how serious I am about what she’s doing, so I had her show up to my new apartment thinking I was a John. Wow was she suprised, and pissed. She begged me not to tell Mom and Dad, saying she’d do ANYTHING. Anything? I mean, ever since my dad and her mom got married, I always though she was the cutest little redhead, and jesus christ the ass on this girl. So we struck a deal… – 18, redhead, big butt, big ass, striptease, POV, blackmail, taboo Me and my whore of a sister saw the family today. I know she was nervous, cuz after going to dinner with the parents, she thanked me for keeping her secret. I don’t know, I kinda want to tell the family that she’s selling pussy, but what I really want is to blackmail some sexual favors out of her ass, especially after feeling her up a couple weeks ago. I tried to swindle her out of a blowjob, but she seemed disgusted that her own brother would want that, so we compromised and she agreed to a hand job. She seemed pissed off and grossed out the whole time, but whatever, she made me cum just like she does with her sugar daddies, so I don’t feel bad… – 18, redhead, big butt, big ass, handjob, POV, blackmail, taboo I found out from a friend that my little sister is STILL escorting. And now she’s selling pussy to my friends?! That ups the ante a little bit. She’s refused until now to give me a blowjob, but she was easily persuaded when I started texting mom to blow her cover as an escort. She sucks cock like a champ, I didn’t know a 19 year old could roll like that. She even let me creampie her silky teen throat. – Teen, taboo, pawg, big butt, blowjob, cum in mouth, oral creampie, oral, blow job, big butt, big ass, 18, family taboo I got some dirt on my little sister Riley; she’s been escorting. And I’ve been swindling her out of pretty frequent blowjobs recently, which has been fun. But I want that pussy… so we struck a deal. If she lets me smash just one time, and cum inside her, I’ll drop it. No more blowjobs, no more blackmail, I’ll delete the pics and screencaps in front of her, and never mention it again. She went for it, and this little redhead is a rider. She bounced that PAWG butt on me and let me twist her up. And then I made a mess of that teen pussy with a huge fat load of nut. I’m glad this experience has brought me closer to my little sister <3 – teen, 18 & 19, redhead, petite, pawg, big ass, big butt, curvy, thick, taboo, impregnate, creampie, family

Starring: Riley Grey

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Size: 604 Mb; Duration: 38 min; Resolution: 1920×1080; Format video: MP4


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