Blackmailing My Dads Bride To Be Part 1 – Ivy Secret – Wca Productions

My dad had told me he was dating someone but i was really surprised when he called and told me he was getting married! my mom said i could take a few days off from school to go to the wedding, dad booked my flight and a few months later i was on a plane heading to the wedding. i took a cab to my dads house i was met at the door by Ivy my dads fiance and my future stepmom. we made some small talk and both said how excited we were to finally meet each other. i thanked her for the kind welcome and asked if it would be alright for me to take a quick nap since i had been traveling all day. she said of course i could and pointed me to the guest room, i dropped my bags on the floor and laid down and closed my eyes! a couple of hours later i woke up and went to the bathroom, when i got out in the hallway i overheard Ivy talking to someone on the phone. i walked quietly towards her voice and started to hear more of what she was saying, stuff like im only marrying him for his money, i cant stand home hes a loser, now his sons here to bug me too! i couldn’t believe what i was hearing so i started to film her with my phone, i got a couple minutes of her talking and went back to my room and waited for her to end the phone call. i walked back out of my room about an hour later and went to find Ivy. she was sitting on the couch in the living room, rather then beat around the bush i just flat out told her what i heard and showed her the video i made. she got a really panicked look on her face and started to stutter. i told her i was gonna show my dad this, she started saying wait and maybe we could work out a deal. i asked her what kind of deal she had in mind, she told me she knew my dad gave me a big monthly allowance and she would be willing to convince my dad to double it if i agreed to delete the video and forget what i heard. i told her i would take that deal with one small modification, she asked what that was? i told on top of her offer i was gonna need some sexual relief, i told her she was smoking hot and doing this would be the best way for me to keep my mouth shut! she pleaded for another solution but when she saw i wasn’t going to budge she slowly got down off the couch and sat between my legs. i stood up pulled my pants down and ivy got started on giving me a mind blowing handjob! when i finished she asked me to delete the video, i told her lets see how this week before the wedding goes before i delete anything! This is part 1 of Blackmailing My Dads Bride To Be, This series stars Ivy Secret. This is a POV Taboo Milf Cheating Blackmail Cuckold CFNM Handjob clip!

Studio: Wca Productions

Keywords: Blackmail Fantasy, Cheating Wife, Handjobs, MILF, Taboo

Starring: Ivy Secret

File Information :

Size: 906.8 Mib

Duration: 00:08:19 min

Resolution: 1920×1080

Format video: mp4

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