Big Girls Get Spanked Too – Kiki Cali, Adriana Evans

My big sister, Adriana Evans, is the bestest big sister! I want to be just like my big sister when I grow up!…but in the meantime, maybe if I do some of the big girl things that my sister does, then that’ll help me grow up a little faster to be a big girl like my sister! Ive seen this toy that my sister uses a lot when she thinks she’s alone in her bedroom. Its got these buttons on it and this giant head, and oh! It vibrates when you press the buttons! Now I’m pretty sure that I’ve seen my sister use this against her perfect pussy, so I think thats what I’m supposed to do too! My sisters toy tickles my little pussy through my thick diaper and I feel like such a big girl with my princess parts all extra wet and tingly! Just like big sister! I thought I had lots of time to be sneaky while my big sister was out of the house, but uh oh, my big sister suddenly catches me in the sneaky act, and on her bed too! And because I’ve been caught using my big sisters toys while trying to be a big girl, sister says that now she’s going to treat me like a big girl, with lots of hard spankings as punishment for using her toy in her bed! She even rips off my diaper because big girls get spankings and don’t get to wear their diapers for it. Wah. So big sister, annoyed and angry, deals out so so many hand spankings, 57 with the skinny leather strap, and 38 with the pink studded leather paddle all on my bare bottom! It was so stingy! And big sister has never spanked me so long and hard like that before! I certainly learned my lesson not to touch my big sister’s toys and not to rush growing up because I don’t like having my diaper ripped off before a spanking! hehe. I love my big sister for teaching me such a valuable lesson!

Keywords: Taboo, Spanking F/F, Spanking POV, Age Play, Sisters, Diaper Discipline

Starring: Kiki Cali

File Information :

Size: 756.18 Mib

Duration: 00:08:41 min

Resolution: 1920×1080

Format video: mp4


1537_Kiki Cali Big Girls Get Spanked Too.mp4 – 756.18 MB

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