Best Friends Step-mom – Clare Star

Best Friends Step-mom – Clare Star_cover

Best Friends Step-mom – Clare Star

You have gone to your friends, you are going out cycling. Your friends stepmom is chatting to you then notices your big bulge in your cycle shorts. You find her quite hot and cant help checking out her ass. Your friend tells her you are both going again tomorrow and you will be staying over. she is really pleased and cant help glancing at your package. The next day his stepmom is in some tight yoga pants and thong showing on the top. She keeps bending over in front of you showing off her hot butt while shes cleaning. She accidently spills water on your lap and notices how hard you are getting as she tries to clean it off, you go to the utility room to get changed and she is shocked to see your huge cock and cant help but grab it. You go back to sit with your friend, friends stepmom suggests to you she shows you the guest room, While in there she confesses she wants you to fuck her silly, You can not resist. She takes control of your cock first, she struggles to keep the noise down, then you fuck her hard and then she drains your balls in to her pussy as she cums.

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Best Friends Step-mom – Clare Star_scr

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Best Friends Step-mom – Clare Star

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