Before you Go Away – Alura Jensen – Primal’s POV Family Lust

Part One

Mom is going to miss me so much, I can tell by the way she’s been acting, but, I didn’t realize how worried she is that I won’t think about her or call her when I am away at school. How could I not think about the most perfect giant tits I have ever seen? Mom knows me better than anyone, and I guess she has known what I think about for a while because she makes sure all I will be able to do is think about her

Part Two

I decided to head home during a two week break, I was going to hang out with a girl I met but, honestly she is pretty boring compared to what’s waiting at home. I got in late and didn’t want to wake my mom but she must of woken up and seen my light on, she is VERY happy I came home earlier than she expected

Starring: Alura Jensen

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