Bad Roommate – Missa X – Lily Larimar

Bad Roommate – Missa X – Lily Larimar_cover

Bad Roommate – Missa X – Lily Larimar

Stepbrother (Chad Alva) accidentally bumps into his stepsister (Lily Larimar) as he carries a box into the living room. “Sorry”, he says. “I still don’t understand why you can’t just live at home”, she announces. “Well, dad said…”, he begins, but she interrupts: “My dad, your stepdad”.
“Oh, whatever. He said if I got straight A’s he’d get me a place, so…”. She interrupts again: “But this is already my apartment”. “Well I guess he didn’t feel like paying for two”, stepbrother responds. “He’s so cheap”, she remarks. “Maybe if you got better grades…”, he suggests. “You’re not going to be a little narc, are you? Crying to mommy and daddy about what I’m doing”, she says sarcastically. “Now why would I do that?”, he wonders.
” ’cause you’re a goody two-shoes, I mean, how long have our parents known each other, like a year?”, she says. “Well, more like two”, he replies. “Whatever. How do you think it feels that my own father prefers his new fucking son?”, she says ruefully, sitting down at the end of the couch away from him. “That’s not true. He loves you”, he insists. “He always wanted a son. He was legit in denial at first, wanted to call me Louis, and he even tried to convince my mom that it was a good girl’s name”, she claims. “Well, I definitely didn’t know about that”, he responds. …

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Bad Roommate – Missa X – Lily Larimar

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