Aunt Lauren’s Secret Visit – Lauren Phillips & Lady Fyre – House Of Fyre

Aunt Lauren sneaks into your bedroom wearing only a bra & panties. You’re surprised, but she explains that she heard about you having sex with Aunt Mallory to try to impregnate her. Aunt Lauren has also been trying to get pregnant without any success, and she wants your help. You agree, and when she strips out of her lingerie you can see that big, fabulous breasts are common among your aunts. You gingerly touch them, but she encourages you to get a handful of tit and a handful of her bush as well. She gets on her knees to suck your throbbing cock, and she’s just as good at deep throating as Aunt Mallory. You’re in heaven as she uses her spit to lube up your cock and slide it between her huge breasts, giving you an awesome titjob. Aunt Lauren enthusiastically rides your cock & she’s obviously enjoying herself because she cums on you over and over again as her tits bounce up & down over your face. “Give auntie your seed,” she says as she screams in ecstasy. “Aunt Mallory was right: your young cock feels so good.” ” Just then your maternal figure walks in. Aunt Lauren was so loud that she heard you across the house. She looks really mad. Lauren explains to to her that she figures it’s ok for you to impregnate her because you tried to impregnate Aunt Mallory. She deserves to get pregnant just as much as Mallory did. But your maternal figure says that it’s not ok for her to sneak around having sex with you behind her back. You’re relieved because you really want to cum. “That’s not how he likes it anyway,” she says, and she starts to undress. She & Aunt Lauren take turns riding you, then Lauren lies down on her back with her legs behind her head. She’s quite flexible, and she’s ready for your seed. You shoot it deep inside her & she keeps her legs back to keep all the semen in there. “Don’t worry,” she tells Aunt Lauren, “if you don’t get pregnant this time, we’ll just have to try again.”

Starring: Lauren Phillips, Lady Fyre

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Size: 1.03 Gb; Duration: 28 min; Resolution: 1920×1080; Format video: mp4

2308_Aunt Laurens Secret Visit – Lauren Phillips, Lady Fyre.mp4 – 1.03 GB

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