Apologize With Ya Throat Bitch – Jasamine Banks – DickDrainers

Bitches. All they do is spend your money, use up all the hot water, take forever to decide where to eat, and then eat off your plate! But that stuff? That stuff ain’t even that bad compared to the stuff that these bitches REALLY be doin behind your back! Check this out. My new girl Jasmine been actin right for a minute…but I just knew she had somethin inside her that was about to come out. Sure enough, me and her gettin ready to go out and I’m lookin for my keys….when I come across some FUCKED UP STUFF. This bitch got one of the masks that them Diablo gangstas be wearing IN MY HOUSE! And I know damn well that Diablo was in my house for one reason only!!! My mind is going a mile a minute. Thinking of when she did this, with who, did I kiss her afterwards…all that! So I’m mad. Mad AF. And when I’m mad, some bad things happen. And right when I’m seein red…here comes this bitch down the stairs runnin her mouth askin am I ready to go. The same mouth that she been usin on these other guys. Its cool. She wanna use that slut mouth, I’ma keep that slut mouth VERY, VERY BUSY!

Keywords: CFNM Clothed Female Nude Male, Cum In Mouth, Deepthroat, Face Slapping, Female Dick Control, Gagging, Messy, Puke, Pure Head, Redbones, Rough Face Fucking, Ruined Faces

Starring: Jasamine Banks

File Information :

Size: 762.7 Mib

Duration: 00:37:28 min

Resolution: 1920×1080

Format video: mp4


1677_Dickdrainers Apologize With Ya Throat Bitch.mp4 – 762.73 MB

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