Angel of Step-Daddy – Bare Back Studios – Cadence Luxx

Angel of Step-Daddy – Bare Back Studios – Cadence Luxx_cover

Angel of Step-Daddy – Bare Back Studios – Cadence Luxx

Scene One: Innocence Taken
Step-Dad comes into step-daughter’s bedroom. He sits on her bed, moving the covers so he doesn’t sit on them. He begins to stroke her hair and face. His hands move down to her boobs, unbuttoning her top exposing and feeling up her boobs. Her eyes open and tears run down her cheeks. He takes her hand and puts it around his dick and has her jerk him off. She fearfully asks what he wants.
He has her give him a blowjob, again while she cries silently with her eyes closed.
Scene Two: First Time
The next night, he undresses her completely and has missionary position sex with her. She cries out in pain when he enters her because she is losing her virginity. He finishes inside of her. Afterwards she rolls up into a ball sobbing.
Scene Three: Blackmailed
Step-Daughter comes homes from school and sits on the couch by Step-Daddy. Step-Dad is explaining her report card is full of bad grades and there is no way she will be accepted to any of the colleges on her wishlist.
Step-Daughter explains sobbing that she really needs an excellent college and will do anything to improve her grades. Step-Dad tells Step-Daughter he knows the Dean of Students and tells her they can work something out. She gets very tense and uncomfortable.
Step-Dad tell Step-Daughter she has to earn the grades and orders her to strip nude and then points at his cock. When he is finished he zips his pants up and says he will talk to the Dean in the morning. She picks her panties and leaves the room.
Scene Four: Punishment
Starts in mid-action with Step-Dad and Step-Daughter struggling on couch. Step-Dad rips step-daughter’s blouse open and panties down and slides his cock into her unenthusiastic wet cunt. With her hands bound he finishes fucking her, he grabs her by the throat, her eyes bug out, face turns red, she hits his arms and tries to pull them apart. He squeezes her cheeks, opens her mouth and fills it full of his seed.
Step-Daughter promises to never get bad grades again and is left in a sobbing ball on the floor…

File Size : 1.16 GB      Runtime : 41 min      Resolution : 1280×720      Format video: MP4

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Angel of Step-Daddy – Bare Back Studios – Cadence Luxx

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