All Good Fucks Are Three, The Cum Eater – Lucy – Nikky Thorne Prod

Teeny Lucy turned out getting greedy little slut for sex once starting fucking and especially doing porn. After already having had two fucks with two studs, she wants a third dick for her greedy teeny mouth and hole. But not easy to get in a moment. Thankfully a horny cum eating bastard is laying on a couch, having had too much fluids last night. But the cameraman wake him up, because Lucy wants to fuck again.Lucy is not shy, or hard to ask, so she pulls his pants down, and start sucking his dick. It seems like the horny bastard is enjoying her blowjob. But it is not enough, he needs more from young Lucy. So he lay down on the couch and to eat up Lucy really ! Lucy place her wet young pussy over his face, and he start licking her wet snatch. It may look like the horny bastard is hungry for a young pussy. Lucy turn around, and she continue with her blowjob while he still is licking her pussy. But he promised a cumshot to Lucy, so he have to masturbate his dick until he comes on her young stomach. After he cum, he must lick his own sperm from her body. Best medicine against hangover

Studio: NikkyThorne Prod

Keywords: Cuckolding, Cumshots, Blowjob, Pussy Eating, 69, Taboo

Starring: Lucy

File Information :

Size: 862.58 Mib

Duration: 00:13:05 min

Resolution: 1920×1080

Format video: mp4


1418_Nikkythorne Prod All Good Fucks Are Three The Cum Eater.mp4 – 862.58 MB

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