ABDL caregiver Agatha takes ABY to pool breastfeeding – ABDL Mommies Put you in Diapers

ABDL step-mommy agatha takes jamie to the pool in his nappy’s. she hopes there won’t be any issues there as she helps him splash around in the pool in his thick adult pampers and plastic pants. the female lifeguard comes up and asks if his plastic pants are leak proof and agatha checks him & they are approved. pamper checks in the pool. then they lay poolside & it’s feeding time for jamie… but he doesn’t want mushy bb food & he’s gonna pout til he gets her breastmilk. she lets him suckle from both her nipples while she reaches down to check his nappy’s again. the lifeguard walks by again & asks if everything is ok which prompts agatha to be embaressed about her bare boob being out while her big aby is suckling on it. if you’re a fan of diap checks, hands on diaps and breatfeeding, here you go!

Starring: Agatha

File Information :

Size: 1.1 Gb; Duration: 11 min; Resolution: 1920×1080; Format video: mp4


0033cs_ABDL Mommies Put you in Diapers ABDL caregiver Agatha takes ABY to pool breastfeeding_.mp4 – 1.15 GB

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