A Very Big Secret – Diane Andrews

A Very Big Secret – Diane Andrews_cover

A Very Big Secret – Diane Andrews

It’s so nice to have you back for a visit from college. I bet all the girls are just swooning over you. No? There isnt’a special girl in your life? Well, when there is one, she is going to have to be good enough for you, and by good enough for you, of course I mean like me. Only a woman like me would ever be good enough for my boy. You can come sit with me, I’m just putting on lotion after my shower. I’ve missed having you around. Your stepfather isn’t around enough anymore, and he neglects me even when he is around. The only other man who even comes close to him, is you, so it’s so great having you here with me. Oh my God, are you getting hard? Is this because of me putting on my lotion and all the skin I’m showing? I’m so embarassed sweetie, I’m sorry! What? It’s OK? But, you’re not supposed to look at your stepmother that way. I mean… Oh my God, you’re so HUGE. I had no idea you were so… BIG. So… you’re just going to touch it like that then? Well, I guess it’s not good to leave it like that, but wow I had no idea you had gotten so BIG. You’re WAY bigger than your stepfather. Oh my. Well, if you’re going to touch that, then I guess I’ll just keep putting lotion on like this? Is this good? Should I go faster? Oh wow, it’s dripping! So, just like this? I guess if I’m just putting lotion on then we’re not really doing anything wrong. It’ll be our BIG secret.

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A Very Big Secret – Diane Andrews

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