A Taboo Fantasy – Curfew – Skylar – Taboo Sex

The household rules clearly state “if you miss curfew 3 times you must take it in the cunt from a family member” when skylar misses her third….both brothers and dad wait up…wanting to deliver the punishment! after a game of rock/paper/scissors….dad wins!!! dad makes tipsy young skylar to take it in the cunt….hard!!!! skylar is out past curfew….again….third time this month….and all the guys in the household are aware of her tardiness!!! both her brothers, and her dad know the rule….”if you are late coming home 3 times in one month…..you have to take it in the cunt from a family member”. all the guys are anxious to administer the “punishment” to the wayward skylar. when skylar does finally stumble in….she has obviously been [***]….and is unaware of the time. when dad and both brothers remind her of the rule….skylar begins to whine and complain. “rules are rules skylar” dad explains….and the 3 guys begin to argue about who shall be the one to give it to her. after a few moments of squabbling, they decide to settle it with a round of rock/paper/scissors. dad wins!!! the two boys dejectedly head for bed, as dad takes his pants off and tells skylar to start by sucking his cock. the tipsy young girl obeys. skyar, as it turns out is quite a cocksucker!! a deep throat specialist!! skylar begs dad for a “plea bargain”…..”can you please just cum in my mouth daddy so i can go to bed….please don’t make me take it in the cunt….”. dad is insistent, however that rules are rules….skylar has to be impaled by his now rock hard cock, and makes her ride it!!! skylar cries as she takes the punishment, screaming out that none of her girlfriends have to “take it in the cunt” when they come home late…..but dad keeps pounding her!!! after dad has given skylar a good humping….he makes her take his load into her mouth….and then allows her to go to bed. hopefully she has learned a lesson

Name Clip: A Taboo Fantasy – Curfew – Skylar
Release: 30.04.2017
Studio: A Taboo Fantasy
Keywords: Blowjob, Cum In Mouth, Deepthroat, Fucking, Taboo
Pornstar: Skylar

File Information
Size: 504.9 Mb
Duration: 00:08:30 min
Resolution: 1920×1280
Format video: wmv


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