A Mom Is Your Best Friend – Fifi Foxx

I felt so bad for my son. Poor boy has a hard time making friends, but moving from place to place makes it even worse on him. He wanted to move back, but we couldn’t. His father’s job moves us to so many new places, and we have to stay. I hate reminding him, but I know he understands. He came back from school the other day and was so upset. I didn’t know what to do to comfort him. As a mother, I desperately wanted him to make friends. I had an idea to help him adjust to the new place; I’d let him throw a pizza party. We could order a couple pizzas, buy some desserts, and get pop. Most importantly, he could invite some of the k1ds from school. He was ecstatic. Pizza night came, and my poor son was bummed. No one showed up. I felt so horrible. I tried to reassure him that they would be there, but I knew they wouldn’t. Cheering him up was impossible. He wouldn’t even eat. After several failed attempts, I asked him to help me clean up. “Maybe your friends were busy, maybe something came up,” I lied to make him feel better. I reminded him that a mom is always your best friend. There had to be something I could do to distract him from having such a horrible night. I grabbed his cock from outside his pants, and it took him by surprise. I smiled, “Well, did you like that?” I told him I’d always be there for him, and that I’d always be his friend. He was my little boy after all. I could feel him getting stiff. “You know it’s okay to touch Mommy, too. Do you wanna give it a try?” I let him touch my chest, and then led his hand to my pussy. I knew exactly what would take all of this off his mind. I got naked, and then onto my knees, and put his hard cock into my mouth. I caressed his shaft with my warm, wet tongue. After a while, I stood up, “Well, sweetie…Mommy wants to be a good friend to you. A really good friend.” I sat on top of the kitchen counter, spread my legs, and rubbed my pussy, “So, why don’t you stick it inside of Mom’s pussy.” I put his cock inside of me, and he started fucking me hard. He was making me feel so good, and I was covering his cock with my juices. He didn’t need anybody besides Mommy. I got to my knees and told him to cum all over my chest. He jerked his cock and released his huge, warm load all over my tits. Mommy is the only friend he’s ever going to need.

Keywords: Taboo, Fucking, MILF, POV, POV Sex

Starring: Fifi Foxx

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