A Love Distraction – Mom Fucks Son – Fifi Foxx Fantasies

You hide around the corner to listen to Mom’s conversation with her boyfriend. Although you’ve tried to “bond” with him under your mom’s orders, you’ve never really cared for him, or any of the guys she’s dated in the past. And now that you hear her arguing over the phone with him, it only makes you dislike him more. And it’s not like this is a one time deal. She’s always fighting with him over something stupid that he did, and you have to watch her get upset and stressed. It’s not fair to her, and at this point, you’re done with it. Frustrated at the conversation she’s having, you walk up to her and softly touch her shoulder. “Mom? Why are you doing this to yourself?” you ask while she’s on the phone, but she brushes it off to continue with her call. You want what’s best for your mom, and it’s obviously not these douchebags she’s been dating. You reach down into your pocket and pull out the potion you bought from the local magic shop. It’s supposed to be a love spell – just something temporary to keep your mom distracted from her boyfriend. It’s not like you’re actually going to make her love you (in THAT way at least). You just want her to be focused on you so that she forgets about everyone else stressing her out. While she’s ranting to douchebag on the phone, you take a small sip from the bottle, and then place it back into your pocket. That should be enough to catch her attention and get her off the phone. “Mom,” you say touching her shoulder. “I want you to get off the phone.” Mom smiles sweetly, “Okay, honey,” and hangs up the phone. Her whole attitude is different – she’s happy, she’s smiling, and her attention is on you. “I love you so much. What are you up to, huh? I missed you,” she starts to say. You’re shocked – it really, actually worked! “Are you hungry? What do you want to do? Do you wanna hang out with Mom?” she says with gleaming eyes. “I love you so much…so, so much.” It’s kind of weird, seeing your Mom act that way, but the more she rambles on about how great you are, the more you begin to enjoy it. I mean, it was just a sip, and having Mom focused on you is just…wonderful, so you can’t help but take another sip. “Come on, tell me what you want to do – I promise I won’t say no. I won’t say no to ANYTHING,” she says to you. Mom seems more persistent now, beyond infatuated, and almost obsessive. She insists that you spend time with her, “Don’t break Mommy’s heart.” With one sip left, you decide to go ahead and just finish off the bottle. You’ve already taken it this far, and Mom seems to really be into you. “You’re so handsome. Did I mention how great you look today?” Mom says smiling at you. “You just look…so, so good.” Her tone is seductive as she runs her hands up her body and spreads her legs, “Come on, just sit with me.” She undresses to her lingerie, sweetly smiling at you, “I don’t think I’ve shown you how much I love you. That’s so selfish of me.” Mom lies in front of you, rubbing her pussy outside her panties, and tells you how much she loves you, and wants you all to herself. The love spell is in full effect, and you feel yourself throbbing as Mom’s seductive tone completely takes over. She slides her panties off, “Now what do you want to do with Mommy, huh? I’ll do ANYTHING you say – just tell me.” Really…ANYTHING? You come up with something simple, like having her grope her chest, and she obeys. She looks at you with narrow, soft eyes, and asks what else you want. You suggest for her to masturbate, and as she rubs her pussy, she tells you that it’s only you and her, and that’s how it’s going to be forever. “Do you love me, Mommy?” you ask her, and her eyes light up, making the potion stronger. “Of course I love you, baby…of course,” she says sweetly. Without command, she gets on top of you and begins riding your cock. “Does that feel good? Is Mommy showing you how she LOVES you?” she says with her big breasts bouncing in front of you. She tells you that you’re her everything, and then blurts out, “Tell me you love me. Tell me you love Mommy… I love you so much. I don’t think you understand how much I love you, and the way that I love you.” In-between breaths, she asks you if you can do a favor for her. She explains that there’s a way you can keep Mommy forever, and when you’re ready to cum, to just let it out…no matter what. “Get Mommy pregnant!” she instructs you. Mom can’t stop telling you how much she loves you, and when you can’t take anymore, you burst inside of her. She gives you a big, bright, beautiful smile, “Do you want to see what you did? See that? We’re gonna be together forever. We’ll live together, we’ll tell everyone we’re soulmates, and we’ll have our baby…

Keywords: Female Training, Impregnation Fantasy, Magic Control, MILF, Taboo

Starring: Fifi Foxx

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