A Living Hell – Lana Sharapova – Pure Taboo

Krista (Lana Sharapova) is your typical teenage girl. She’s just doing her best to get through high school so that she can go onto bigger and better things. Yet, when she her step-father, Paul (Tommy Gunn), brings home her teacher, Mr. Chambers (Jessy Jones), she has the feeling that something is about to go terribly wrong… Paul and Mr. Chambers are calm as they sit with her. They explain that she’s not in trouble but that there IS something they need to take care of. Krista has turned into a beautiful, young woman, and Paul and Mr. Chambers can no longer hide their lust for her. So, since both of the men are strong influences in both her personal and academic life, it’d be in her best interest if she lets them have a bit of… fun. Krista is horrified, unable to believe that the two men she trusted most would betray her like this. Although she first turns them down, disgusted beyond words, they up the pressure. If she doesn’t give into their twisted fantasies, they will destroy her life and she will have nowhere to go. Once Paul and Mr. Chambers stand in front of her, pulling their cocks out of their pants as invitation, Krista knows what she has to do…

Studio: PureTaboo

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Starring: Lana Sharapova

File Information :

Size: 1.25 Gib

Duration: 00:37:43 min

Resolution: 1280×720

Format video: mp4


1873_A Living Hell – Lana Sharapova.mp4 – 1.25 GB

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