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Includes: Blair Williams, Daddy fetish, Danny Mountain struggles to remain faithful to his wife In her words: There are a lot of societal disadvantages to being in the foster care program, lots of fosters end up not going to college because the stress of being passed around from home, the feeling of an uncertain enviornment can give a foster bad grades, and the bad grades inhibit them from getting into college. A group of former fosters petitioned the government for college grants so that foster girls and boys could have a fair shot at a college education. I’m one of the first to benefit from the college grant, and the college that I’ve been accepted to is all the way in Surrey, England. A kind man and his wife has volunteered to take me in for the four years that I’ll be attending college, they’ve got daughter through the same foster care program that I grew up in. I’ve got to admit, I think the dad, Dan Smith, is super hot. I know a little bit about the family. They live in the country, their adopted daughter, Lexi, is from New York, his wife, Sofi, is originally from the United States. They seem like such nice people, such nice and normal people. My heart feels warm and optimistic to be a part of this family, even though I know it’s just temporary. In his words: Our little girl, Lexi, is growing up. She’s just turned eighteen years old and my wife fears that she’s going to want to go away to college. My wife isn’t ready for her to leave the nest yet, and so she came up with the idea of participating in the Foster College Program, and she petitioned for an American girl. It was just last month when my wife excitedly brought me over to her laptop, “aww darling, look how sweet she looks,” she cooed. It felt good accepting another young lady into our home. I used to be a foster. It feels a little like helping out myself from the past, when I invite a troubled foster into our home. I want to show them normalcy, love, and patient understanding. I see pain behind Blair’s sweet close-lipped smile, her kind eyes, and I know that our family can show her love, and give her a comfortable place to stay while she’s going to school. My wife hopes that Blair will befriend Lexi and Lexi will choose to stay in England for college, and not leave her, our home, and go to school abroad. In her words: He picked me up from the airport and hugged me warmly, “welcome to our family,” he said kindly. I’ve heard those words so many times before, but this time it felt different. He talked about his wife and his daughter in the car, and I admired how committed he was to his family. Is it strange to say that it turned me on? I’ve always been turned on by kind people. I love seducing someone kind, and Dan seems like he’d be tough to seduce. I can tell immediately, as with most men, that he wants to fuck me. He glances at my thighs, and during conversation I feel his eyes lower to my lips, my breasts. I know I had better not fuck this up. I like him. I know I’ll love his wife and daughter. I’m determined to be a good girl this time. In his words: Blair wears a sweet white eyelet lace dress, the sort you would see a little girl wearing, but she’s all woman. She’s fresh, young, and she has so much energy. She gushes with excitement when she sees England’s farm animals. “It’s a lamb!” I correct her, “that’s a goat.” My mind keeps dreaming about her looking at me, propping her leg up on the seat of the car, revealing her pink little pussy. I dream that she begs for me to pull over and fuck her. I see her head bobbing up and down in my lap, she gasps for air as she pulls off my throbbing cock, looking to my face for approval. Fuck.. I don’t know why I’m dreaming about her. I would never, EVER cheat on my wife. I would never take advantage of a foster girl. I know how vulnerable they can be. Watch the story unfold

Keywords: Taboo, Blonde, Cumshots, Daddys Girl, Fantasies, Home Wrecker

Starring: Blair Williams

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