A Family Game – Faith, Alexis – A Taboo Fantasy

MOM.DAUGHTER..SON PLAY A GAME TOGETHER. THE GAME HAS KISSING..COCK JERKING..COCK SUCKING. THIS TWISTED GAME ENDS UP WITH A HARD FUCKING!!!!Faith has picked up a new board Game, and she is going to play it with her Son Peter. Her Daughter Alexis arrives home..so Mom invites her to play too. The Game is called “Taboo”. They are not familiar with it..and they quickly read the instructions and begin. Almost immediately.the whole Family realizes there is something “odd” about this Game.but they are mesmerized..and continue!! Peter and his Sister Alexis are instructed to kiss passionately on the lips until the timer runs out. Mom is instructed to stroke her Son’s cock until the timer runs out. Alexis is instructed to suck her Brother’s cock until the timer runs out!!! The Game ends when Peter draws the “Taboo Fuckfest Card”.declaring that he is the winner.AND.he shall Fuck an opponent of his choice. Peter can’t decide who to Fuck. his Mom or his Sister??!! Peter initially chooses Mom.and just as Mom is about to take off her pants.Peter changes his choice.and decides to Fuck his Sister Alexis. Mom watches while the two Siblings Fuck each other’s brains out in front of her.until Peter cums all over his Baby Sister. Mom thinks it’s best that they don’t tell Dad about this “weird” Game!!

Studio: A Taboo Fantasy

Starring: Faith, Alexis

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Size: 847.1 Mib

Duration: 00:14:35 min

Resolution: 1920×1080

Format video: mp4

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0286_a taboo fantasy a family game.mp4 – 847.08 MB

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3 Responses

  1. Phibner Optik says:

    Nice share. Thank you.

  2. Kyle reeser says:

    Who is the mom

    • Phiber Optik says:

      The mom is Faith who is a regular handjob model for those Canadian Jerky Girls. She was one of the originals. She might use the name Faith Anderson.

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