A Daughters First Love – Haley Reed – Bare Back Studios, Taboo Heat

Scene One: The First Time

Daughter is the bed resting in a darkened bedroom wearing only t-shirt and boy-shorts. Wasted Father comes in and stands next to her bed. Startled Daughter bolts upright in bed and pulls covers up to her chin and asks tentatively and fearfully, “What’s the matter Dad?” Father slurs and says, “My little girl, my beautiful little girl.” and staggers towards her. He strokes her hair and leans over to kiss her. She pulls away and starts to look scared. He gets on the bed; unbuckles & unzips his pants, gets on top of her, pulls down the covers, while trying to kiss her on the mouth, when he gets to covers down, he pulls off her panties and t-shirt and screws her. A tear forms and runs down her cheek as she struggles and tries to push him off, and begs the whole time. The is her first time and it hurts when he enters her.

Scene Two: Stripping for Daddy

Daughter is standing in the middle of the living room in blur jeans and t-shirt, shaking and crying. She says, “Daddy, please…” He gently tells her to undress. Repeat a couple of times until she relents and strips. She stands there for a moment fully nude. He has her bend over the couch. He tells her to spread her legs, when she hesitates, he shouts, “SPREAD YOUR LEGS!” He undoes his pants and lets them drop to the floor and gets on top of her and screws her. She cries & begs etc..

Scene Three: Stroking her Hair

Haley and her Dad are sitting on the couch. He’s stroking her hair. He doesn’t speak but takes her hand and tries to place it on his crotch. She starts crying and tries to pull it away but he forces it down on his crotch and forces her to rub his dick through his pants. He, holding her hand with his forces her to unzip his pants and start masturbating him while holding her hair in his other hand. After she masturbates him for minute he starts forcing her head down on his dick and to start giving him head. He lays his head back with eyes closed while she gives him head and fucks her on the couch. When he cums, he lets her go and leaves the room. Haley is left with a face full of cum…

Scene Four: Peeping Daddy

Haley peaks her head out of the shower, she looks around and nervously asks, “Is anyone there?” She pauses, turns to walk down the hallway and runs right into the Father. He pushes her down on the bed, grabs her by the face and starts kissing her hard, she tries to push him off, her towel falls off. He pulls out his pecker, shoves it in her around the face with it and then forces her to give him a blowjob and fucks her on the bed. He cums all over her face and then rubs the cum in her face with it. He leaves her in the bed crying.

Studio: TabooHeat, BareBackStudios

Keywords: Incest, Incest Roleplay, Rape Roleplay, Father/Daughter Incest, Choking, Hair Pulling, Taboo, Face Fuck, Blowjob, Cunnilingus, Missionary , Rev. Cowgirl, Doggy Style, Spooning, Prone Bone

Starring: Haley Reed

File Information :

Size: 1.03 Gib

Duration: 00:47:06 min

Resolution: 1920×1080

Format video: mp4


1868_Haley Reed – A Daughters First Love.mp4 – 1.03 GB

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