3 Days of Sex Slavery – Alexis, Matt – ATabooFantasy

MATT DEMANDS THREE DAYS OF “SEXUAL FAVORS” FROM HIS BABY SISTER IN EXCHANGE FOR USE OF HIS CAR THIS WEEKEND. DAY ONE….ALEXIS HAS TO GIVE HIM A HANDJOB… DAY TWO ALEXIS HAS TO GIVE HIM A BLOWJOB…. DAY THREE ALEXIS HAS TO LET HIM COMPLETELY DEFILE HER BY FUCKING HER REALLY HARD!!! Alexis makes a deal with the Devil!!! The “Devil” in this case, is her mean Booger-Head Brother Matt. Alexis desperately wants to borrow Matt’s car to go away for the upcoming weekend with her girlfriends…but he is refusing….saying that her friends left trash in his car last time she borrowed it….and returned it with no gas. Alexis is adamant about needing to borrow it…..so Matt decides to take advantage of his shapely Baby Sister….and hits her up for “sexual favors” in exchange for his car. He demands no less than THREE sexual favors over the next three days…..and will then relinquish his car to Alexis and her friends for the weekend. His demands include all kinds of Handjobs and Blowjobs….but Alexis agrees to the following……a Handjob today…..one Blowjob the next day……and then brief (not to last more than 10 minutes in her words) sexual intercourse on the third day. The two Siblings ratify the agreement with a “pinky swear”….and then Matt gloatingly tears off his pants and orders his little Sister to Jerk him Off. Alexis is disgusted…but she yanks his cock until it absolutely erupts into a series of massive cumblasts!!! The next day, Alexis follows through, by sucking her Brother’s cock until he cums in her mouth. It’s the third day that Matt is most excited about!!! On day three, Alexis sheepishly goes to Matt’s room….and lets him defile her by Fucking her hard!!! Alexis is grossed out as he humps away…..but she has now kept her end of the bargain

Name Clip: 3 Days of Sex Slavery
Release: 23.03.2017
Studio: ATabooFantasy
Keywords: Blowjob, Fucking, Handjobs, Small Tits, Taboo
Pornstar: Alexis, Matt

File Information
Size: 1.04 Gb
Duration: 00:17:31 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: wmv


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