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18yr Step Son Fucks MissLawanda Asian MILF We went to Canada to visit my husband’s sons. Well there was a big party at the house and I had excessively much vodka. I was in bed sucking my husband’s cock when his youngest son 18 yrs. old burst into the room to talk to his dad; I looked up with my mouth full of cock, felt a little embarrassed. My stepson looked shocked and embarrassed too, but I could see a big bulge in his sweatpants, I was feeling hot, excited and bad for having those thoughts, but my husband saw this too and told his son to lose the pants and experience an Asian mouth on his young cock. I looked at my husband and ask, “are you sure?” He said why not? We are going back to Thailand in a couple of days and quite honestly, I want to see if he has learned about the birds and bees as I taught him. Well his son did not need any more coaching he was naked and I had that young big hard cock in my hungry mouth in no time! He fucked me good 3 times and cum 2 times! Wow! Never had a young boy like this before! It was so tasty! I was worried I might get pregnant as he used no condom, and I thought, that would be somewhat cool, Dad joined in on the fun and I had 2 cocks! Still to this day am feeling guilty, but my husband tells me not to worry about it! Enjoy the memory of the nice young cock. Asian,Asian goddess,Asian Princess, Amateur, Ass Grabbing, Ass Licking, Ass Smacking, Ass Spreading, Ass Worship, Bareback,Big Dicks, Big Loads, Blow Jobs, Blowjob, Body Kissing, Body Worship, Boy Boy Girl, Breeding, Brunette, Butts,Chubby, Cock, Cock Tease, Cock Worship,Cumshots,Cut Dicks, Doggystyle, Face Fucking, Fantasies, Fantasy, Finger Fucking, Fingering, Fucking,Happy Endings, Home Video,Hot Wives,Housewives, Impregnation Fantasy, Kissing,Licking, Long Hair,Mature,Menage A Trois,MILF,Money Shots,Nudity/Naked, Old & Young,Older Man / Younger Woman,Oral Fixation, Oral Servitude, Oral Sex, Orgasms, Petite, Precum,Pussy Eating, Pussy Play,Pussy Teasing,Riding,Sex Position,Shaved,Skinny Woman, Small Tits,Tattoos,Threesome,Throat Fucking,Tit Play,Titty Squeezing,Topless,

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Starring: Miss Lawanda

File Information :

Size: 446.16 Mib

Duration: 00:14:30 min

Resolution: 1920×1080

Format video: mp4


1351_Misslawanda 18yr Step Son Fucks Misslawanda Asian Mi.mp4 – 446.16 MB

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